Lifetime Achievement Award

A number of highly productive fish endocrinologists retire every year and may not have the opportunity to be recognized by their peers for their contributions. This nomination was first established by the Organizing Committee of the 6th International Symposium on Fish Endocrinology to formally recognize a number of distinguished fish endocrinologists during each ISFE meeting.

From the submissions received by the deadline, the International Council will select up to five nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award. The nominators for each of the 5 individuals will be responsible to produce a poster on each selected nominee that will be displayed throughout the meeting to highlight the accomplishments of the award winner. Nominations will only be accepted for recently retired nominees (normally within the past 2 years).

Past lifetime achievement awards

Gothenburg 2016: Professor Silvia Zanuy-Doste, Professor Gordon Grau, Dr. Jack Falcon, Professor Manuel Carrillo, Dr. Olivier Kah were horoned.

Buenos Aires 2012: Professor Lin Hao Ran, Professor Gloria V. Callard, Professor Hiroshi Kawauchi, Professor Jean Mary Pierce Joss, Professor John H. Youson, Professor Nancy M. Sherwood, Professor Norman E. Stacey were horoned.

Calgary 2008: Professor Dr. John Geoffrey Eales, Dr. Edward M. Donaldson, Professor Tetsuya Hirano, Dr. Alexander P. Scott, Professor Zvi Yaron were honored.

Lifetime Achievement Award will be handed to truly distinguished scientists in the field of fish endocrinology, people who have made a highly significant, enduring impact on the field through research, education, or other activities. Nomination will be accepted for people who retired within two years before or after the next meeting (2016 Gothenburg, Sweden)

Nomination guidelines for the Lifetime Achievement Award

Nominations should be submitted formally via e-mail to the President of ISFE and the president of the LOC. Three senior scientists from three different countries should sign the nomination letter. The nomination letter should highlight important lifetime achievements and provide the exact retirement date. The nomination package should include complete CV of the nominee and abbreviated CVs of the nominators.