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9th ISFE

June 6-10 2020


The ISFE promotes the study of hormones and hormone actions in fishes, including hagfish, lampreys, cartilaginous fishes, lobed-finned fishes and ray-finned fishes, and aims at dynamizing interactions among fish endocrinologists and encouraging young scientists.


The mission of the ISFE is to promote the study of hormones and hormone actions in fishes. This includes topics in growth, adaptation, reproduction, stress, immunity, …


The 1st International symposium on Fish Endocrinology (ISFE) was organized in 1988 by Professor Richard (Dick) E. Peter and Peter K. Pang in …


The ISFE is registered in France under the French law as a non profit organization. It is directed by an executive office composed of Penny Swanson, ,…


By becoming a member, you will contribute to the development of the field while benefiting from an international network of fish endocrinologists.

 Full and life members are eligible to be nominated for ISFE international council. Young investigators are eligible to apply for ISFE research scholarships, conference travel and presentation awards distributed at each quadriennal meeting.

Membership dues will be used ONLY to help organizing quadriennal meetings and supporting young investigators through travel awards and research scholarships.

Last News

  • New award created for the next ISFE meeting

    5 October 2019 by

    A new award has been created to acknowledge the best oral and poster presentations at the next ISFE conferences. The Professor Lin HaoRan Trainee Presentation Award will have a monetary component of 500US$. Good luck to all the participants

  • Support to young investigators

    5 October 2019 by

    The next ISFE meeting in Guangzhou is approaching. The local organizers and the ISFE have secured funds to support young scientists. In order for the selection committee to do a fair job, send your application as early as possible. The deadline for the grant applications is the 1st of December 2019. The application package should include… Read more

  • Renewal of contributions to ISFE

    23 September 2019 by

    The time to renew your contribution to ISFE has come. And if you are not yet a member, then it is the good time to become one. Remember that your cotisations will ONLY be used to help organizing quadriennal meetings and support young investigators through travel awards and research scholarships ! So it is important… Read more

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